My work is a conceptual study of the human capacity to endure, heal and ultimately transform one’s self. I see these abilities as just a few of many that contribute to the totality of being human, which is a commonality that all of us share and therefore connect with. Using this idea as my initial point of inquiry I have since been able to expand and thus further refine my interest into not only the process of healing and transformation but also the connectivity that arises from these processes between the artist, the work and the viewer.

My current body of work references the process of healing and transformation by investigating the visual language that various materials offer to my concept. My methods are aggressive and physical; I hack away at foundations, burn thorough bricks of wax, and build barriers. Working with different elements such as wax, plaster, card board, pumice, and metal as well as traditional oil and acrylic paint helps to illustrate the obliqueness of the subject matter itself, for my desire is not to recreate trauma but rather to inspire feeling as the catalyst for deeper thought. It is my strong belief that it is what is felt rather than perceived through cognition that resonates the most.

Romy L. Mariano spent most of her youth in Southern California. She graduated from Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania in 2005 where she majored in Studio Art and English and received honors in painting. Romy has had several successful solo and group shows and has exhibited both in the United States and Italy. In the spring of 2010 Romy earned her Master of Fine Arts degree in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute and then moved to the lovely city of New Orleans where she currently resides full time.

Du Mois Gallery
New Works on Display
Opening: November 10, 5:00 - 8:00
4921 Freret St.
NOLA 70115

Closing: December 29

Graphite Galleries
New Works
Group Show
Opening: September 2
Closing: October 15
Alexandria Museum of Art
National Competition Exhibition
Opening reception to be held on
August 27 @ 6:00- 8:00pm
Show closing date: October 8